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Tellurian Drama

Tellurian Drama

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May 5th, 1923.

The Dutch East Indies government celebrated the opening of a new radio station
in West Java. It was called Radio Malabar.

In March 2020, the local Indonesian government plans to reactivate the station as a historical site and tourist attraction. However, in 1986, a mysterious journal published an essay on how to geoengineer the earth through the obsolete technology of Radio Malabar, written by a pseudoanthropologist and geologist Drs. Munarwan.

This book imagines the concealed and hidden story of Radio Malabar through a travelogue within the landscape, archival images, and close reading of Drs. Munar-wan body of work. Unearthing the possibility of technological ruins to see the vital role of mountains in history, colonial ruins as an apparatus, and the invisible power of
indigenous ancestors.