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Fantaisie Érotique Vol. 1

Fantaisie Érotique Vol. 1

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By Jordan Marzuki, Edited by Dinda Nancy,
Contributing Writers; Ray Shabir and various undisclosed names
2020, 120 Pages, Edition of 200, Softbound, 15.5cm x 11cm, ISBN 9781735452111

Fantaisie Érotique is a zine telling curated erotic stories that happen in today’s society. It is meant for all orientations regardless of social strata and phases in life; from coming-of-age to old age. Stories come from diverse communities, including the country with rising conservatism; Indonesia—where sex is considered a taboo—to the most culturally-open, such as Japan.

The idea of the zine came from a cheap erotica publication that depicts sexual fantasy stories with the most ridiculous scenario. Our intention is to break the convention of erotica publication by curating some obscure erotic stories on a personal level and leave it as raw as it is, could be gross, funny, and eerie—all the while introducing certain sub-cultures to the readers.